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Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland
I shake my head and stare at the few photos I have of this place, it’s too magnificent, I dreamt this, it can’t be on Earth.
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Anonymous said: The whole thing lol... Horny.. attached guys. Others thinking everyone is sleeping around.
I replied:

ok well i guess i see what ur trying to say !!

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Anonymous said: Sounds like Rutgers
I replied:

what part? lmao 

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we let two boys sleep over in our dorm and it was cool and all but our floor mates probably think we were sleeping around when all we did was watch sharknado and play headbands :/ it felt weirdly like a double date even tho we didn’t mean for it to be that and I fell asleep being this guy’s lil spoon and I’m 99% sure he kept trying to hump me in his “sleep” bc after a while i felt his semi and I was like nOOOOOOO as soon as morning came we were like WE GOT STUFF TO DO BOYS SORRY BYE

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I usually hate how I look in pictures that I don’t take myself, but I really love this picture of me and I think that’s so important (I’m on the left). Everything I hate about myself I can’t see in this picture, or even find something to pick out. My legs look so nice, long, & slim, and my arms don’t look flabby like I usually think, and I love how my face looks. even though my face is half hidden by my hair I look genuinely happy, and my cheeks don’t look disgustingly chubby. I don’t mean to ramble but this is my favorite picture of myself & I’m going to print it out and stick it everywhere I go

two more boys hit on me tonight i feel so gr8 especially bc when they did it I was wearing no makeup and a huge pajama shirt i luv today

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hi college is so great i’ve only been here a day and 95% of the people i’ve become friends w are boys (yay!!!), i went to a carnival on my campus with my roomie and danced for HOURS bc there was a dj playing music all night im so happy ! people liked my dancing and some guy from singapore asked to take a selfie with me idk but yay?? and also im pretty sure a filipino boy i danced w wants 2 hook up w me considering he’s been texting me all night i feel v powerful IM SO HAPPPYYYYYYYYYYY

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5 contemporary Architecture -(MIT Cambridge) Arquitectura contemporánea en Boston by Romulo fotos on Flickr.
5 contemporary Architecture -(MIT Cambridge) Arquitectura contemporánea en Boston
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I’m mad I’m not even looking but I looked so cute at lunch today aw
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Rather pleased with my costume updates, and the effect #hooping is having on my bod! #burlesque #costume #peach #pinup #showgirl #burlesquedancer #dancer #vintage #vintagestyle

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i move into college tomorrow and for some reason I’m feeling really upset idk

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my mom is so pretty I 💖 her