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Francesco Scognamiglio S/S 2015
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omg the scenography of prada ss15 womenswear show 
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Bruno Bernardi
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'Lips Or the Edge of Reason' by Sølve Sundsbø
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Cayman Islands / Shot By JUANHUNNIT
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Nora Denes
Anonymous said: hello hello i have started college recently and i've been there for a month and no guys have liked me yet and it makes me really really sad like i always counted on the fact that boys would like me in college but apparently not hha. anyway if you have some advice that would be great! hoping everything is going well for you xx
I replied:

aw seriously don’t stress! like for me, i’m the same way - i think the key is really to put yourself out there whether it be in subtle ways or through like introducing yourself to random people!!! be unafraid what people think. going out of your room helps a lot, i met so many random people just by chilling in the courtyard outside my dorm talking and laughing with my friends. how i’ve made most of my friends (98% of whom are guys) are either through mutual friends, complimenting them (“oh shit your shirt is really cool i like that band too!!!!”/ “yo you have blue hair??? THATS SO COOL lets be friends!!”/” it’s really nerve wracking and coming from someone who overthinks everything i can understand being nervous but it’s always worth a try!

so my advice so far:

  • put urself out there by going out of ur room/complimenting people/finding common interests
  • don’t be so hard on yourself! i used to beat myself up over every little thing (especially the whole “why don’t guys like me/am i doing something wrong” thing) but you gotta let that go. keep yourself busy! the busier you are the less time you have to hate yourself (sounds corny but i’m 100% serious about this man it’s worked out very well for me) 
  • boys r very different in college than they were in high school - not once have i felt that a guy has genuinely “liked” me liked me, despite having hooked up with one guy in the past few weeks. i’ve had a hookup but that means literally nothing - dont confuse hookups with guys liking you because relationships and hookup culture is so much different than the way things were in high school!!! if anything i really wish i didn’t do it tbh i felt really used and gross after. don’t freak out if guys  aren’t giving you the love and affection you’re after right now, these guyz aint loyal (ha ha ha i’m funny xoxo) and a lot of them aren’t in the mindset of commitment/respect/etc so as corny as it sounds it really is better to just be patient and wait it outtt gurl 

if u find a cool guy then u find a cool guy but if not please don’t worry or think something is wrong with you! keep motivated and don’t let boys get you down. surround yourself with positive people and don’t rush into anything - youve got four years babe!! if you ever need anything let me know, i’d love to help out in any way i can!! xx

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Apparently a bunch of baby bunnies are called a fluffle

I want a fluffle

awwww-cute cactus-princess